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Of Professional Interest:

Social Assistance in the New Economy Project (SANE) - where I work part of the time on research connected to social assistance reform and the nature of work in the new economy.

The Caledon Institute is a social policy think tank, an independent and critical voice that does not depend on government funding and is not affiliated with any political party.

Canadian Social Research Links is Gilles Seguin's personal website that is a invaluable resource centre for Canadian social program information. is Richard Shillington's personal website that is a resource of information on government and social policy.

Canadian Review of Social Policy.  An academic journal on social policy.  I am on the editorial board.

The Economic Policy Institute is a U.S. think tank that seeks to broaden the public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy.

Of Personal Interest:

E. Doucet Computing.  If you need any help with computer systems, hardware or software call Eldon.

Sax on the Web has a wealth of information on, you guessed it, the saxophone!

The Baytowne Big Band.  An 18 piece band I play in, in and around the Barrie area.  That's me second from the right on tenor sax.

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