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Campaign 2000:

Analysis of impacts of changes to Canada's child benefit system on income and poverty (Fall 2012).

Kathleen Lahey, Professor of Law, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario:

Modeling of impact of individualization of the tax/transfer system in Canada using Statistics Canada's Social Policy Simulation Database and Model (SPSD/M).  2012.

Modeling of the tax and transfer impact of treating same-sex couples as families for tax and transfer purposes (2000, 2009 and 2012) using Statistics Canada's Social Policy Simulation Database and Model (SPSD/M).

Modeling of impacts of federal Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Security changes to raise age of eligibility (2012).

Modeling of tax/transfer impacts of full income splitting in Canada (2011).

Income Security Advocacy Centre:

Analysis of womens' income and labour force activity patterns, for Ontario commission on Social Assistance Reform (2012, with Professor Janet Mosher, Osgoode Hall Law School).

Ontario Trillium Foundation:

A study of the impact of changing demographics on the not-for-profit sector in Ontario (2011, with Caryl Arundel and Associates, lead consultants).  View the report here.

Legal Aid Ontario:

Description and analysis of population potentially eligible for legal assistance according to existing income and asset eligibility criteria (Winter 2002).

Demographic and labour market profiles of low-income populations in 18 communities in Ontario for community legal clinic expansion project (summer/fall 2001)

Canadian Child Care Education Foundation and the Child Poverty Action Group:

Co-authored, with Professor Ernie Lightman of the University of Toronto, "General Tax Relief: Impacts on Canadian Families," an analysis of the distributional consequences of proposed general tax relief measures (February 2000).